Our products:

LT-Systems Basic-System

-is the most widely used system in trade shows

LT-Systems Design-System

-includes the square extrusions, cross section extrusions and special upright extrusions, which realizes splendid displays 


LT-Systems Truss

-our Truss system is proven from the German TÜV

LT-Systems Wall-System

-mainly includes glass-curtain wall, lighting wall

LT-Systems Floor-System

-we offer not only the standard floor system but also floor system of glass

LT-Systems Fabric-System

-fabric system with spring, quick-clamp system, fabric-curtain system, fabric-aluminum system

LT-Systems Showcases

-we offer aluminum showcases and glass showcases with plastic frames

LT-Systems System-Assistant Material

-the assistant material are used to expand the function of the main proucts systems